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Project Management I

Seminar name:


Project Management I

Seminar duration:


16 hours


This seminar on the basic skills of project management follows the TenStep methodology. The lecturers, for each theoretical unit, will make the subject more understandable to the attendants by linking examples from rich practice to the business environment of the attendants. The attendants are divided into groups during the exercise and have to resolve a series of case studies. Part of the situations are modeled in the PM software, which simulates working on multiple projects (each group works on one project) and a multiuser environment (every user has a role in the project and all are working at the same time on their projects).

The seminar is compliant with international IPMA (International Project Management Association) and PMI (Project Management Institute) standards and is a component of the training program called Project Management Academy verified by IPMA within IPMA REG.

Projekt menadžment koncept


  • Introduction, presentation of the lecturer and the attendants
  • Basic information on methodologies and organizations in project management
  • Phases of the project’s life cycle
  • Defining the project
  • Creating the project plan
  • Managing the project plan
  • Simulation of exercises in the PM software
  • Managing objects in projects
  • Managing scope in projects
  • Managing risks in projects
  • Managing communication in projects
IPMA certification transparent
The seminar is not direct training for the certificate but helps to successfully pass the IPMA and PMI exams.
The training is intended for all project participants, no matter the type of project and industry of implementation, professionals and beginners in the field of project management, project managers and team members.
Basic knowledge of computer use.
The training aims to the practical mastering of the methodology, by working on case studies and simulating teamwork. Through training, we will identify project roles and responsibilities, define various aspects of the projects, and create a project plan. Furthermore, the attendants will be able to independently update the project plan, manage the scope of the project, identify problems and potential risks in the project.

Seminar leader:

Tomislav Rastovski
mr. sc. Tomislav Rastovski

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