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Prima PI methodology.

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Based on our own experiences we have created the PrimaPI™ methodology for project management. We have successfully implemented it in companies in both the private and public sectors. The methodology encompasses the entire life cycle of the project. It is based on integrated planning and monitoring of time and expenses based on the Earned Value Management System (EVMS). It is modeled on the Primavera technological basis with principles of the TenStep methodology adapted to our environment.

A powerful tool for your business.


Reports on the timely execution of a project planned-executed at any moment provide information on exceeding the time limit for all activities, groups of works, or the entire project.


Data from the reports on timely execution are updated in exact (monthly) intervals. Reports on the project expenses (financial reports) at any moment provide information on the relationship between real and planned expenses.

Integrated project plan

From the integrated project plan, it is possible to obtain performances for all activities, groups of works, or the entire project, i.e. program, and the entire project portfolio.

Budget realization

Project leaders have a tool with which they can control the budget realization through project activities in real-time. This allows for much faster and much more precise decisions.


PrimaPI™ is never in contradiction with other PM methodologies (like the Project Management Body of Knowledge). It completely influences practical groups of processes in order to implement them more easily in work environments.


Whether we are talking about single complex projects or big organizational systems, the Prima PI™ methodology ensures universal processes in project management.


We help you achieve strategic goals with effective budget realization. We apply strategic and long-term investment planning techniques, implementation of strategies and developmental programs. We simplify access to funds of international financiers. By finding common interests, we connect the private sector with public administration and local government units.

With operational knowledge, we introduce our clients to the PrimaPI™ methodology for project management:


We analyze the maturity of the application of project management and the work/organization of the project management office (PMO)


We hold seminars on the subject of project management with an optional certification


We implement solutions for project management


We train employees for information system usage


Simultaneously or in phases, we include business parties in the project management processes


We plan, monitor, and control the current projects/acquisitions during the realization


We periodically evaluate the program and amend the budget of the program and the project (up to monthly frequency)


We apply the adopted model to all projects/acquisitions of the client


We update daily/weekly the working hours of resources on the project activities


We offer organizational and expert support to the project management office


We close projects and record positive/negative experiences


We create conditions for the effective creation of:

  • Investment plans and programs
  • Multiannual and annual business plans (budgets)
  • Budget amending
  • A well-organized environment with a better chance of succeeding and with a more efficient organization in the long term

We reduce/eliminate difficulties caused by:

  • Inadequacy of the usual planning methods (focused on the financial planning of annual budgets and control of realization based on budget points)
  • Ineffectiveness of budget resource use because of the complexities of budget amending
  • Weak links between annual financial plans and multiannual investments
  • Lack of basic knowledge in the field of project programs management and business portfolios management
  • Managing unplanned and unexpected work (activities)
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