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MS Project

Seminar name:

MS Project – project planning and monitoring

Seminar duration:


8 hours


MS Project course is intended for all project managers and team members, regardless of the type of project they lead.

The seminar is compliant with international IPMA (International Project Management Association) and PMI (Project Management Institute) standards and is a component of the training program called Project Management Academy verified by IPMA within IPMA REG.

Upravljanje nabavom u velikom skladištu


  • Introduction, presentation of the lecturer and the attendants
  • The network planning method
  • Opening a new project in MS Project
  • Defining the WBS project structure 
  • Defining activities and milestones
  • Defining an activity’s duration
  • Types of links in network planning
  • Linking activities
  • Defining the critical path
  • Types of resources
  • Assigning resources to project activities
  • Analysis and adjustment of the project plan
  • Baseline recording
  • Launching type-reports
IPMA certification transparent
The seminar is not direct training for the certificate but helps to successfully pass the IPMA and PMI exams.
The training is intended for all project managers and team members no matter the type of project and industry where it happens.
Basic knowledge of computer use.
How to independently plan and monitor your own project in MS Project.

Seminar leader:

Tomislav Rastovski
mr. sc. Tomislav Rastovski

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