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Leaders in project management.

Corporate success

Primakon d.o.o. is the driver in the development of the project management profession in the Republic of Croatia. We are the leading company in the business of knowledge transfer and implementation in the field of project management.

In more than 20 years of experience, we have executed more than 100 projects and trained more than 10,000 attendants.

We offer consulting services and solutions implementation for strategic management and project management in all economic areas, in the public and private sector. We help you achieve growth and expansion. You can read about our references here.

We increase the performances of the organizations we work with, we achieve visible success, and improve the overall business. We are professionals and we have the experience, so the results of our work can be felt immediately. We are people-oriented and the success of our clients brings us joy.

Business colleagues working on a project

We are a modern company and we keep up with the times. We encourage innovation and are constantly up to date with the latest knowledge and methodologies in the field of project management. On the basis of world-renowned methodologies, we have developed our own Primakon PI methodology, which can be applied in a domestic environment and is user friendly, whose application shows concrete results.
We are present in Europe and the whole world.

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