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Trimble TILOS

A software based on the time-location logic.

Team building poslovnog tima u procesu

TILOS is a planning, time-location software. It is specialized in linear construction project management, especially infrastructure projects.

It is used in various branches of construction and different projects, such as: road construction, railroad construction, pipeline installation, transmission line installation, tunnel construction, bridge construction, and energetics.

TILOS characteristics:

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Simple, but powerful in usage

Used in many international projects

A wonderful tool for planning and managing linear projects

Why use TILOS in infrastructural projects, instead of Gantt charts and bar graphs?

Linear projects represent unique challenges because the workers and the equipment are moved along the construction site in order to do their job. Traditional planning software shows results in bar graphs or Gantt charts. Neither of the mentioned diagrams can graphically represent the relation between the location where the work is done (distance axis) and the time when the work is done (time axis). Therefore, such such diagrams can cause great organizationaldifficulties Among TILOS’s greatest advantages are efficient time-distance diagramsThese diagrams in a single display contain all the project details and the schedule, which helps determine the workload.

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