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When to choose SOFiSTiK?

Whether you need SOFiSTiK or simpler applications are enough depends on what type of budget you need and what level of accuracy you wish to achieve.

The more complex the model, the more attractive SOFiSTiK becomes than simpler applications.

SOFiSTiK software solutions have been applied in various engineering projects since 1995. Most bridges, and many other structures, have been designed with SOFiSTiK’s help. SOFiSTiK applications cover a wide range of engineering problems, with such reliability and accuracy of solutions achieved only by some superior application manufacturers.

SOFiSTiK’s preprocessor and post-processor modules, at their solvers’ level, are intuitive and contain first-rate engineering logic in design calculation. Especially when used in the AutoCAD environment or with the simple FIDES interfaces for single engineering problems.

SOFiCAD - modular system.

An addition to AutoCAD functions

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SOFiCAD SOFiCAD is a modular system that represents an addition to AutoCADfunctions. It is applied in construction. SOFiCAD provides its users with a very flexible working environment. Thanks to SOFiCAD’s total integration inside AutoCAD, you can work the usual way with no issues . The logic of professional development of plans is maintained in SOFiCAD. 
All AutoCAD functions can be used in combination with all SOFiCAD functions. SOFiCAD modules, created in accordance with global standards, can resolve many problems with plans. All the modules can be combined and independently applied in AutoCAD. For special armature plans, technical drawings are done with the help of the ActiveX API interface, which is user-friendly. This interface allows for the import of external armature objects.

The most relevant SOFiCAD modules.


SOFiCAD Detailing

SOFiCAD Detailing contains a set of tools for the fast creation of construction plans and formwork plans.

Key features:

  • Complete support of all AutoCAD orders
  • Intelligent positioning
  • Complete associative quotation
  • Associative marking of levels (heights)
  • Rich catalog of symbols and construction elements
  • Catalog wizard
  • Tunnel cross-section wizard
  • Import of steel construction sections from SOFiSTiK FEA
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SOFiCAD Reinforcement.

SOFiCAD Reinforcement is a tool for drawing armature plans on the AutoCAD platform. It supports the entire planning process, starting with architectural plans based on which structural analyses are done up to the construction plans for the armature for building.

Key features:

  • Integration in AutoCAD and ADT
  • All AutoCAD commands for editing can also be applied to armature elements
  • Easy to learn, with a brief adaptation period
  • Easy to modify the arranged armature
  • Automatic adjustment when stretching object components
  • Automatic recalculation of quantities
  • Automatic or manual specification of selected rods
  • Statement of the armature and bending plans
  • Import of results of SOFiSTIK analyses and other FEA programs
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BAMTEC instead of the standard mesh reinforcement uses single carpets for concrete slabs. These carpets are made of uniaxial straight bars and welded transverse bands. Since the carpets are produced individually for each plan or construction analysis, the surplus of material is reduced to almost zero. In comparison with conventional carpets, up to 40% of the material can be saved. After determining the geometry of the carpets in the planning office, SOFiCAD (optionally based on a previous FE-analysis, i.e. through SlabDesigner) is used for the automatic production of supervisory, production, and construction plans. At the same time, a file for the control of machines for armature cutting is generated. The entire chain of processes for slab planning and its production is covered by the programs: SlabDesigner, SOFiCAD-Reinforcement, and BAMTEC. This results in more economic planning and construction.

Key features:

  • It produces carpets and their corresponding construction production plans completely automatically
  • Total support of all AutoCAD formats
  • Can be applied with or without FEM analysis
  • Simple changing of the direction of laying
  • Defining additional reinforcement zones as values or with given diameter and range
  • Changing the diameter of bands and length at any moment - the plan then automatically adapts
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