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Hrvatske vode

Hrvatske vode have increased the efficacy of project management by 25% while at the same time fulfilling the accreditation standards of the European union

User: Hrvatske vode d.o.o.
Headquarters: Zagreb, Croatia
Industry: Public sector
Employees: 800
Annual budget: 100 to 400,000,000 EUR

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The company’s main activities are managing waters, protecting waters from flooding, pollution, contamination, and irrigation. Within the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), the European Commission (EC) has accredited Hrvatske vode in 2008 for the implementation of EU projects in regards to water management in the Republic of Croatia. Hrvatske vode has successfully managed European funds in the period before the accession, and they still manage activities related to managing European funds after Croatia became a member of the EU.


Creating an information system for the management of complex IPA programs and the matching projects related to repairing of the public distribution water networks and building structures for the treatment and purification of wastewater on more than 40 locations in Croatia, to increase transparency and ensure efficient project management in compliance with the regulations of the European Union.

Providing insight into 40 crucial projects for environmental protection and water infrastructure in real-time, most of which will last between 10 and 20 years.

Ensuring access to timely and precise project information to all the participants in the project to ensure that the projects are concluded within the planned time and budget.


Implementing Oracle Primavera

Implementation of the Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution for 20 users to set up a Management information system (MIS) that has helped with the execution of projects co-financed by the EU, since there wasn’t a system for managing the portfolio of projects for water protection and water quality amelioration.

Simultaneous monitoring

Enabling simultaneous monitoring on a portfolio of 40 complex infrastructural projects worth over 1,250,000,000 €.

Monitoring of project statuses

Enabling the monitoring of project statuses in real-time for 20 project leaders including the revision and updating of documents. This has ensured efficacy and timely decision making, which has resulted in a minimizing of delays in projects.

Synchronized data collection

We have avoided redundant data entry with the synchronized collection, which allowed project leaders to reduce the involvement of team members during work hours by about 20%.

Customized reports

Reporting to partners is 25% faster thanks to more than 40 Primavera P6 standard and customized reports developed by Primakon.

Automated reports

Automated annual reports and final reports on implementation for the Supervisory board of the sector, which has eliminated a significant amount of time necessary for the consolidation of data.


Hrvatske vode expressed a need for a scalable information system for the effective management, preparing and implementation of the program of IPA projects relative to the protection of water resources, the amelioration of water supply, and the management of wastewater in the Republic of Croatia. By implementing the Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management system, Hrvatske vode has acquired the ability to effectively manage more than 40 projects for water infrastructure worth over 1,250,000,000 €. Furthermore, they have sped up planning and reporting by 25% in relation to the previous condition, which has helped management to make better decisions based on the possibility of giving insight into project information in real-time to all project partners, thus satisfying the accreditation standards of the EU for IPA projects.

A word from the client

“Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management has allowed us to speed up project planning by 25%, and at the same time, all project partners now have timely and precise insight into the projects’ status. These capabilities have helped us reach the demanding accreditation standards of the European Union for projects related to the protection and managing of precious water resources of the Republic of Croatia. We are very satisfied with the high standards of technical and customer support offered by Primakon during the implementation of the Primavera solution. Primakon has understood Hrvatske vode’s requests and continues to meet our needs promptly and quickly, by offering proactive support and tools specifically developed for our current projects.”

Robert Kartelo

Head of Sector for project co-financed by EU funds, Hrvatske vode, Hrvatske vode


Primakon has performed in Hrvatske vode a comprehensive implementation and an entire set of services to improve the Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution, to efficiently manage IPA projects. It was deeply involved in creating a multilevel model of planning adapted to the incremental nature of IPA projects - by showing different levels of planning details for different project phases. After defining the needs of the system of planning in Hrvatske vode, Primakon has created and tested a system prototype based on which the implementation continued. Primakon PI, our own solution, was developed, for the input of costs and temporary monthly situations that help monitor the execution of activities through monthly reports generated from Primavera into MS Excel. Finally, we have performed integration with the system for documentation management on the MS Sharepoint platform. Collaboration with Primakon is ongoing, to identify organizational needs and further updates to the Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution.

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